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For Customers

We deal with properties in all sectors such as residential, commercial, retail, warehousing, etc,..We help in selling, renting, leasing, investing and joint venture development.

Beegru is RERA approved property advisory and we trust in transparency in information, At Beegru we have experienced property consulting team which will provide you with accurate and comprehensive data about the properties you are interested in and help you to understand the properties more clearly to make more informed decision.

We do not charge any brokerage from Home buyers. With respect to the residential home market, we get a brokerage directly from the developer/builder.

For all other clients, we charge of 2% of sale price and 1 month rent for rental/lease properties.

In case you want to avail any of our other customized services, please get in touch with our team.

Beegru has tied-up with 100+ Builders & Developers. We have carefully curated thousands of properties and built the supporting technology over time, which makes it simple for you to find your property based on your budget, style, timeline and your location. Traditionally searching for the property can take days or even months to find. Trusting local brokers can sometimes lead to unwanted situations. Rather than spending your precious time on what you do best, wouldn't it be easier if you could hire us to do what we do best, and successfully reach your dream property.

All the services provided at Beegru are at zero percent cost to the Home Buyers. There is no difference in prices of the property if you go to the builder directly or buy the property through Beegru. Also, Beegru provides customer with post sale service with a dedicated Relationship Officer. If at any point you feel that you do not want to go with a particular builder/developer, we can also offer you thousands of other properties based your exact requirements.

You would receive a call back from us within 48 hours of placing your inquiry with us and a dedicated Relationship officer will be assigned to assist you.

Yes, we are partnered with recognized financial institutions who provide Home Loan Assistance.

Beegru in the Kannada language means a close relationship formed between families who are getting married. Building this coordial realtionship between strangers because of a marriage is essential for both parties to lead a fruitful life. We believe that when a property is transferred from one client to another, a cordial and respectful relationship between the clients will fulfil everybody's purpose. We at Beegru, want to build this relationship with and between our clients such that a fruitful, respectable long-term relationship is established.

For Agents

Yes. RE agents will be provided a portal to login to Beergu platform and post properties directly.

We do not charge anyone for using our technology platform. In the future, we may charge a liscence fee for registered verified users of our platform.

Commission will be based on scenario-based approach. We directly split the commission with our agents based on the deals we collaborate on. Legal terms will be discussed in advance.